BBB Strike BLS-72 front light review£99.95

500-lumen lamp with replaceable battery

BikeRadar score4/5

The Strike BLS-72 boasts a 500-lumen output and five power modes, as well as a removable/replaceable battery and a solid TightFix mount. 

‘Super beam’ mode provides a central beam as wide as a car, and even edge coverage from the front tyre to 40 degrees each side. It has enormous reach, and peripheral lighting is very good too. ‘High beam’ mode uses half the power, but is still bright enough for riding around lanes, as is the ‘standard beam’ illumination. There's also 'low beam' and 'flash beam' modes.

The top-mounted button has a smooth finish and is recessed in a plastic surround, which makes it hard to find in the dark sometimes.

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  • Location: Bristol, UK
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