Rapha Pro Team Winter hat review£45.00

Comfortable and insulating winter hat from Rapha

BikeRadar score3/5

Rapha’s Pro Team Winter Hat has the fit and feel of a summer cap that’s been given a few tweaks to make it suitable for cold weather. 

The lovely soft fleece lining is really comfortable, and the lower back section is perforated to allow sweat to escape. The ear covers are soft and comfortable, and quite warm, but they don't sit tight against your ears. Because of this, you’re able to hear what’s going on around you, although some wind can get through to your ears.

It lacks a windproof front panel, so on really cold days we wanted something with more wind protection. Some of this depends on what helmet you wear it with; we wouldn’t have it on under a really vented helmet such as the Catlike Mixino, but it would be OK with a less vented design.

The water-resistant fabric goes some way to fighting off rain, but it’s defeated when water is getting through the same vents in your helmet and dripping on the same spots. The lining does a good job of keeping your head warm, though. It looks better than most winter hats too.

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