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Lightweight, Look-compatible road pedals

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Dutch company BBB has a limited range of road pedals, but its Roadking Ti models top that line-up and deliver enviable weight savings at a very reasonable price – and look set to give the market leaders a good run for their money.

    The Roadking Ti’s standout feature is their titanium spindle, something usually reserved for much more expensive models. The CNC-machined axle offers strength at a very light weight, although BBB does advise a maximum rider limit of 90kg. The carbon-reinforced body also helps to keep the Roadkings light, our pair weighing a meagre 200g.

    Power is transferred to the pedals via a 57mm steel contact platform. This is slightly narrower than Look’s latest offerings, but still wide enough to offer an excellent connection. We did suffer some cleat/pedal squeaking on our initial test rides, but nothing a dab of lube couldn’t cure. This is also an issue with older Looks, and the Keo cleats used weren’t exactly new…

    BBB does sell its own cleats, in fixed and 3-degree float varieties, but Look’s own Keo cleats have 4.5- and 9-degree float options should you want the extra manoeuvrability.

    An area in which BBB has improved on its previous road pedals is in the closeness of that contact platform to the axle. It has been lowered to just 8.25mm, increasing the power transfer efficiency.

    Durability should be good, because these are still fitted with two sealed cartridge bearings at the crank side and a needle bearing on the outside. They turned freely throughout our test and had to endure spells of snow, hail, rain and plenty of mud in that time (as well as some sunshine!).

    Adjustable tension enables you to set clipped-in tightness. The tighter the better for riding, but it’s often worth finding a compromise given the amount of clipping and unclipping we have to do.

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