Scott Arx helmet review£55.00

At this price, you couldn’t Arx for more

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We don’t know whether this budget helmet from Scott has been named after youth-speak for ‘ask’, but when we next speak to Scott, we’ll be sure to Arx.

It’s nicely styled, with a purposeful shape that wouldn’t look out of place at your local race. Its construction and finish are similarly impressive and the fact that a lot of the shell is in-moulded makes it look a lot pricier than it is, and protects it from knocks.

Comfort and fit are areas where you’d expect a less expensive helmet to suffer, but the Arx doesn’t lose out much here. The internal pads provide comfort for the front, top and side of the head, although there’s nothing at the rear.

This doesn’t make the Arx uncomfortable; it’s just not as plush as more expensive helmets, but for this sort of money, that comes with the territory.

The good if unexceptional fit is handled by Scott’s top-of-the-line MRAS2 retention system that, despite feeling flimsy, works well to provide a secure and comfortable fit, free from tight spots. We’re pleased to report that the dial is easy to adjust on the move and we never had any headaches while using the Arx.

By far the Arx’s best feature is how well vented it is. The large front vents do a superb job of cooling your head on hot days. They’re matched by equally effective top, side and rear vents that allow a lot of air to pass through the shell for constant and consistent cooling that outclasses a lot more expensive helmets.

This article was originally published in Cycling Plus magazine, available on Apple Newsstand and Zinio.

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