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Want a summer of success? Make your indoor training and off-season cycling count. Indoor cycling is an ideal way to focus your workouts, particular if the weather outside is looking less than favourable. Turbo trainers come with a variety of features and at a range of price points, from simple setups that provide resistance, to smart options that monitor your output and link up to apps and even online training programs.

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We've got together a selection of indoor trainer deals to help you save money while you work out your legs. There are some significant bargains to be had, but be quick, these offers don't usually last that long. 

Our guide to the best turbo trainers and rollers is a good place to start, and we've also got a great selection of training videos to help you focus your workout for maximum gains. 

Minoura B60-d Indoor Turbo Trainer £129.99 £83.19

Minoura: minoura
Minoura: minoura

A basic no-frills turbo trainer for those who want to get started with indoor cycle training and want to keep things simple and cheap. This entry-level model from Minoura provides 386 watts of resistance over three levels, and has a 600g freewheel. 

Available with a 36% discount from Cycle Store

Tacx Bushido Smart Trainer £549.99 £377.99


Video: Smart trainers from Tacx

A wireless trainer that powers itself with resistance courtesy of a virtual flywheel. Smart trainers like this from Tacx allow you to sync your training with various online programs such as Zwift and Training Peaks. 

Available with a 31% discount from Evans Cycles

Elite Parabolic Rollers £159.99 £124.49

Elite: elite
Elite: elite

Once you've got the hang of them, rollers are an excellent training tool that helps develop pedalling technique and balance. This version from Elite is formed from three thermoplastic drums on an adjustable frame so you can adjust it to suit different bikes. The slight parabolic shape helps the wheels stay centred. 

Available with a 22% discount from Chain Reaction Cycles

Minoura Fit Tune headphones £34.99 £13.99


While Minoura might be better known for its indoor trainers, it's hardly surprising that it's brought out a pair of headphones as there's nothing quite like music (or a training video!) to help you stay focused and working hard. 

Available with a 60% discount from Cycle Store

Cycleops Silencer Direct Drive Mag Trainer (with cassette) £600.00 £429.95


Review: CycleOps Direct Drive Silencer turbo trainer

The oversize flywheel on the Cyclops Silencer trainer – simple but effective piece of kit – gives closer to a real-world feeling that many other indoor trainers. With its own rear cassette, all you need to do is remove your rear wheel and pop your bike on the trainer. This means you don't have to worry about wearing down your rear tyre

Available with a 28% discount from Evans Cycles

CycleOps Fluid 2 Trainer £284.99 £188.49

CycleOps: cycleops
CycleOps: cycleops

Review: CycleOps Fluid 2 Trainer

Scoring a whopping 5/5 in our review, the CycleOps Fluid 2 is in a class of its own. It offers broad, steady support, smooth resistance, and has big metal rollers that are less damaging on tyres. The flywheel may be a little noisy but it also provides a welcome cooling breeze. 

Available with a 34% discount from Chain Reaction Cycles

Tacx T2400 Satori Smart Trainer £259.99 £194.95


Review: Tacx T2400 Satori Smart

User friendly with a smooth feel and smart connectivity, the Tacx T2400 Satori Smart packs in a lot of features for its affordable price. It's also mobile friendly as it packs flat easily, so if you need it for pre-race warm-ups its not a complicated task. 

Available with a 25% discount from Merlin Cycles.

Tacx MTB Turbo Trainer Tyre and Tacx Clincher Turbo Trainer Tyre £29.99 £22.99


Indoor trainers may be great for the body, but they can wear away those expensive road and mountain bike tyres quicker than is ideal. Tacx has produced tyres specifically for use with indoor trainers for exactly this purpose. If you have a spare wheel, pop this on it so you have a decided training wheel ready to use. 

Tacx MTB Turbo Trainer Tyre available with a 23% discount from Pro Bike Kit

Tacx Clincher Turbo Trainer Tyre available with a 23% discount from Pro Bike Kit

Muc-Off Bike Mat £11.00 £8.99

Muc off:
Muc off:

A good mat helps keep your turbo securely placed, and of course means less mess to clear up after a hard training session. This one from Muc-Off is waterproof and foldable, so you can also use it as a protective sheet for any indoor bike maintenance you need to do. 

Available with an 18% discount from Chain Reaction Cycles

Tacx Neo Interactive T2800 Smart Trainer £1199.99 £1072.49


A trainer for the truly dedicated, with bags of features and a price tag to match. The Tacx Neo Interactive T2800 Smart Trainer features direct drive, with no physical transmission. It's designed to provide an incredibly realistic road feel with a resistance up to 2200 watts, simulate slopes up to 25%, and speeds up during descents, using an integrated motor. 

The lack of transmission makes this quiet, and it's ANT+  and Bluetooth device compatible. When it's not plugged in, it still works as a fluid trainer. 

Available with an 11% discount from Chain Reaction Cycles

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