Bugatti has designed a bike to match its £2.5m Chiron hypercar

Sub 5kg flat handlebar hybrid claimed to be the world's lightest

First drive reports are currently emerging for Bugatti's new Chiron supercar. Priced at £2.5 million, this 1,479 horsepower monster has a top speed that's limited to 261mph (420km/h) making it the card to have for a hand of Top Trumps. To coincide with the launch of the Chiron, Bugatti has launched a range of Chiron inspired accessories including this particularly mad bicycle.

Designed by Bugatti but developed by German bike builder PG, the PG Bugatti bike is a flat-bar hybrid that's said to come in below 5kg, making it 'the lightest special urban bike in the world' according to PG. 

To us the PG Bugatti bike doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but it really doesn't have to
To us the PG Bugatti bike doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but it really doesn't have to

Details are light on the frame itself but we can make out that the belt-driven, singlespeed structure features one chain and one seat stay on opposing sides. Numerous top end parts can be made out from German component manufacturers Tune, THM and Lightweight in what PG lists as an all German build.

Chiron owners can ensure that their ridiculous singlespeed doesn't clash with their beloved cars too, that's thanks to numerous colour combos that presumably co-ordinate nicely with the Chiron colour charts. PG lists the bike as being manufactured by Bernd Kussmaul who are the folk behind numerous components from Bugatti's Veyron and Chiron cars.

We couldn't find an RRP on this little gem, but various other news outlets are listing it at a sickening $39,000  Anyone looking to get hold of one will have to move quickly, production is limited to 'just' 667 examples worldwide.

The bike joins a wider range of Chiron inspired accessories ranging from the moderately distasteful €3,600 leather driving jacket right the way up to the Niniette, a 66ft luxury yacht to match the exclusive hypercar. 

Well it certainly is special
Well it certainly is special

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