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Join us in our mission to get more people on bikes

We know you love cycling. That’s why you visit this website, spend as much time as you can on your bike and — when you’re not riding — spend a lot of time thinking and talking about cycling. 

We also reckon that you, like us, will have some good friends, work colleagues and family members that you’d love to join you for a ride. So, Cycling Plus and BikeRadar have teamed up with B’Twin to help make that happen.

Get in touch and tell us all about the person you’re nominating

We want every reader to persuade at least one other person to join them for a ride in 2017. Perhaps one of your drinking buddies has mentioned that they fancy getting back on a bike or one of your colleagues has recently tapped you up for some advice on riding to work.

Perhaps you just want to help your partner understand why you spend so much money on cycling or convince your parents that dressing up in really bright, tight fitting Lycra isn’t a strange thing for a grown-up with a job and a mortgage to do.

Whatever the reason, we want you to pick a ‘target’ and see if you can get them to ride with you. 

Cycling Plus, BikeRadar and B’Twin are here to help! Get in touch and tell us all about the person you’re nominating, explaining why you and (hopefully) they want to get on a bike.

Send us the details and a picture and we’ll pick our favourites to join the B’Twin Get Britain Riding team. We’ll kit them out with all the equipment and knowledge they’ll need to become road cyclists and follow them (and you) as they begin what you already know is an incredible journey.

If your nominee makes the team, you’ll receive a £500 voucher to spend with B’Twin and Decathlon.

So, phone a friend, explain that you want them to become a cyclist, and help Get Britain Riding!

We've extended the entry deadline to June 1, so to enter send your 'Get Britain Riding' nominations to or tell us who you'd like to get riding in the comments section below! 

This article was originally published in Cycling Plus magazine, available on Apple Newsstand and Zinio.

Cycling Plus

Cycling Plus Magazine
This article was originally published in Cycling Plus magazine – the manual for the modern road cyclist. Try your first five issues for £5 when you subscribe today.
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