How to sprint train with Marcel Wüst - video

German legend gives us the low-down on developing top end speed

How to sprint train with marcel wust

Want to know how the pros train? Well, the legendary Marcel Wüst, who won 14 grand tour stages during his 12-year career, is sharing his secrets in a series of exclusive BikeRadar training videos to be shown on the new-look YouTube channel.

First up is Wüst's no-nonsense guide to sprint training, in which he recommends a devilishly hard interval regimen to fine tune your top-end speed. A former sprinter himself, he know his onions, and he sets a devilishly hard sprint rep schedule. Everyone in the BikeRadar office considers themselves a climber, so we're just passing this one on and shan't be tackling it ourselves. We hope you enjoy it though.  

Remember, no pain, no gain! Stay tuned for more in the series.

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