Open Letter: Greg LeMond demands McQuaid's resignation

"You are the epitome of the word corruption" alleges former Tour winner

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In a brash letter addressed to Pat McQuaid, former Tour de France winner Greg LeMond has demanded the UCI President resign from his position. LeMond posted a copy of the letter on his personal Facebook page and is frank in offering his opinion on the state of the UCI, McQuaid and honorary UCI president Hein Verbruggen. LeMond's actions come in the wake of USADA's report into widespread doping by Lance Armstrong and his teammates at US Postal.

"I want to tell the world of cycling to please join me in telling Pat McQuaid to f##k off and resign," LeMond wrote. "I have never seen such an abuse of power in cycling's history - resign Pat if you love cycling. Resign even if you hate the sport."

The UCI confirmed the lifetime ban of Lance Armstrong and stripped him of his seven Tour de France wins earlier this week however, LeMond states McQuaid knew "damn well what has been going on in cycling, and if you want to deny it, then even more reasons why those who love cycling need to demand that you resign."

LeMond does not blame the UCI as an entity but rather the influence of McQuaid and Verbruggen at the sport's governing body. 

"The problem for sport is not drugs but corruption. You are the epitome of the word corruption," LeMond writes.

"Pat in my opinion you and Hein are the corrupt part of the sport. I do not want to include everyone at the UCI because I believe that there are many, maybe most that work at the UCI that are dedicated to cycling, they do it out of the love of the sport, but you and your buddy Hein have destroyed the sport."

LeMond calls for "anyone that loves cycling" to support Paul Kimmage in his defamation case brought forward by McQuaid, Verbruggen and the UCI.

"I would encourage anyone that loves cycling to donate and support Paul in his fight against the Pat and Hein and the UCI."

"Don't buy a USA Cycling license. Give up racing for a year, just long enough to put the UCI and USA cycling out of business. We can then start from scratch and let the real lovers in cycling direct where and how the sport of cycling will go."

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