Panaracer Race Evo 2 tyre and R-Air lightweight inner tube - just in

Fresh road rubber

Japanese tyre manufacturer Panaracer have sent across a couple of their latest products to BikeRadar towers. We take a closer look at the new Race Evo 2 road tyre and light weight R-Air inner tube.

First up is an all new version of their Race A clincher tyre. Now referred to as the Race A Evolution 2, the new model gets a new ZSG dual compound rubber, a new cord material for the body of the tyre along with a revised bead design. These changes add up to what Panaracer claim to be a 20 percent increase in both puncture protection and durability over the last generation Race Evo. 

Rolling resistance is also supposedly down 15 percent on the previous tyre whilst a new bead design is also said to make installation easier. Available in 23 and 25mm sizes, these retail for £39.99/$54.99.

Panaracer Race A Evo 2 road tyre

Panaracer also sent across a few samples of their new R-Air lightweight butyl inner tubes. The 32mm short valve version weighs just 65g, even a 60mm valve example tipped our scales at just 68g. The butyl compound used is said to be twice as flexible as a standard tube, providing better shock absorption, lower rolling resistance and increased durability. If you're looking to lose a little weight without breaking the bank then these could be a good bet. Suitable for 18-23mm tyres these are £9.99 each.

Look out for reviews of both these products coming soon to BikeRadar.

Panaracer r-air lightweight inner tube: panaracer r-air lightweight inner tube
Panaracer r-air lightweight inner tube: panaracer r-air lightweight inner tube

Interestingly, Panracer are now proudly displaying their parent firm Panasonic's logo on both their packaging and products.

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