Scott launch entry level Speedster aero bikes - Eurobike 2012

Plus news on Foil, CR1 and Plasma bikes for 2013

Scott have launched their all-new Speedster range of entry-level aluminium road bikes at the Eurobike trade show in Germany, and announced changes to their Foil and CR1 frames.

The Speedster range now includes aerodynamically shaped tubing, enabled by the F01 technology developed for Scott’s range-topping Foil race bikes.

The Foil and CR1 frames get colour and component changes only for the 2013 model year. The CR1 Premium will now use Shimano Ultegra Di2 and retail for £3,999. The Foil Premium switches from SRAM Red with Zipp 404 wheels to Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 with Syncros 46mm carbon clinchers, and will cost £9,699.

The Plasma time trial/triathlon bikes are unchanged. This year is a huge one for Scott’s mountain bike range – they’ve already launched their new Genius and Gambler bikes, so it’s no surprise that things are quieter on the road side.

The entire Scott range will use Syncros components and wheels from 2013 (Scott bought Syncros earlier in the year).

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Video: We talk to Scott about their new aero Speedster range

The new Speedster range includes six models:

Speedster 10: £1,449, Shimano Ultegra compact, Shimano R501 wheelset, carbon/alloy fork, 19.62lb (8.9kg)

Speedster 20: £999, Shimano 105 compact, Syncros Race 28 wheelset, carbon/alloy, 20.37lb (9.24kg)

Speedster 30: £899, Shimano Tiagra compact, Syncros Race 28 wheelset, carbon/alloy fork, 20.46lb (9.28kg)

Speedster 40: £799, Shimano Sora compact 18-speed (triple option), Syncros Race 28 wheelset, carbon/alloy fork, 21.25lb (9.64kg)

Speedster 50: £699, Shimano 2300 24-speed triple, Syncros Race 28 wheelset, carbon/alloy fork, 22.38lb (10.15kg)

Speedster 60: £499, Shimano 14-speed drivetrain, Syncros Race 28 wheelset, carbon/alloy fork, 21.13lb (9.9kg)

Starting at just £499 for the 14-speed speedster 60, the range runs through to the £1,449 speedster 10:
Starting at just £499 for the 14-speed speedster 60, the range runs through to the £1,449 speedster 10:

The ‘virtual airfoil’ tube shapes used for the Speedsters’ double-butted alloy frames are claimed to reduce drag by 20 percent compared to round tubes. That equates to a supposed saving of five percent in terms of power output for a given speed over a long ride. Of course, the faster you go the bigger the benefits.

The forks have aero-profile carbon legs with alloy steerers, crowns and dropouts. The Speedster 60 has an all-alloy fork.

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