Time trial bike setups at the 2012 Olympics

Armchair aero spotting

The London 2012 Olympic time trials have been run and won, with Bradley Wiggins (GB) bringing home the gold in the men's 44km event and Kristin Armstrong (USA) successfully defending her 2008 title in the women's 29km test.

Now, while the time trial is considered the purest test of a rider - it's just them against the clock - in addition to a good set of legs and lungs it actually requires a huge amount of time, money and expertise to get it right. By that we mean positioning on the bike, equipment choice and pacing to produce the fastest possible ride for the available power. It takes years of refinement to do it, and clearly some riders have a way to go if they want to finish closer to Wiggins and Armstrong. It's not just the engine.

In this gallery feature, BikeRadar's resident time trial nut Jeff Jones gives his armchair commentary on the setups used by the Olympic stars via the keen lens of Rob Wilmott.

Will we ever see the POC Tempor helmet again?

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