Video: Smart ENVE 6.7 Clincher - First look

Aero wheel range continues expansion

The fruits of the partnership between ENVE and aerodynamicist Simon Smart continue to bear fruit. Last month we brought you an exclusive look at two new additions to their SES range, the time trial-specific 8.9 Tubular and the 3.4 Clincher, and today it's the turn of the 6.7 Clincher.

As with models in the Smart Enve System range, the 6.7s are developed as a complete wheelset - hence the variable rim depths (60mm on the front, 70mm at the rear) and widths (26mm/24mm). The science behind this says that having a wider and shallower front rim maximises stability across a broad section of wind angles, while having a deeper and narrower rear rim minimizes drag of the trailing edge and cuts turbulence.

Weight of the complete set is 1,415g, complete with Chris King R45 hubs and Sapim CX-Ray bladed spokes.

They are available now from UK distributor Saddleback for £2,400 per set (£1,100 front/£1,300 rear).

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