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Matt Tarrant is his name, and his dad is actually called Chris Tarrant. Just not that Chris Tarrant.
Otherwise we'd all be on that Who wants to lose loads of money because they're greedy plonkers programme on the box.
Anyhow, I took Matt out for his first outing round Bath at the weekend, just a little 17 miler to stretch the legs (or cough up the lungs in Matts case). Here he is smiling just before he was nearly crying.
He's an interesting chap, and no doubt you'll see him in the mag soon now he's re-discovering that his legs are for riding, not supporting his body whilst playing darts...

Keep watch on Matt's fitness progress in the magazine. He insists that he wants to ride a 12 hr race later in the year with a few of us on the magazine. We'll see about that...!

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