Niterider Rebel 2.0 computer review$53.99

Simple, robust unit

BikeRadar score3.5/5

Setting up the wireless NiteRider is simple – the head unit mounts securely to either your handlebar or stem with a stretchy rubber ring – and the robust housing will survive the occasional scrape.

The two-line screen is easy to read; your speed is given in big figures up top and then you scroll through the rest of the info down below. Fittingly, it has a backlight, so you can read the display when you’re cycling in the dark.

You only get the key measurements here – ride time, distance, average and maximum speeds, plus arrows to show how your speed compares to your average – but getting the hang of it is a doddle and the chunky buttons are easy to hit.

We did have some interference from other sensors within a maximum of 60cm and also from our big LED, although repositioning cured that without any bother.

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