Tacx Flow Trainer review$614.32

Smart way to train

BikeRadar score4.5/5

Okay, let's get a major niggle with the whole Tacx range out of the way first – assembly. They all come flatpacked and require a considerable amount of Allen key jiggery-pokery, an extra pair of hands and extreme patience with the less-than-clear instructions.

Once up and running, the Flow is smooth and quiet, and the frame felt stable even when we were out of the saddle while simulating climbing and sprinting.

The handlebar-mounted computer is clear and intuitive to use, and the Flow offers full performance feedback including speed, cadence, heart rate, distance and power. It also enables you to see average figures for the session while you’re riding.

For power-based training, you simply enter the wattage required and the unit will automatically adjust its resistance to hold you at that figure.

It’s possible to fool it with sudden surges or slow cadence, but the system is hard to fault within normal training ranges.

The Flow also enables you to accurately calibrate the unit, guaranteeing consistency from session to session.

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