Ground Effect Berglar jersey review$84.00

Soft merino top

BikeRadar score3.5/5

Merino wool is popular for its wicking and insulation properties. Given that it comes from New Zealand, it’s no surprise to find it favoured by Antipodean clothing company Ground Effect.

The Berglar uses a cunning layered fabric, with merino on the inside and more conventional polyester on the outside, a combination that works well across a wide range of temperatures.

If it’s warm, there’s a three-quarter front zip to open, and the sleeves stay pushed up. The contrasting panels on the outside of the arms lead to slightly distracting seams, though. If it gets cold, put another layer on top – the Berglar works best by the skin.

Zipped rear pockets keep things safe and, as with most Ground Effect gear, there’s a puncture patch stitched in. Export prices aren’t as impressive as they were a few years back, but the Berglar is still good value.

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