Assos F1.Mille S5 bib shorts review$280.00

Flawless bibs

BikeRadar score5/5

The Lycra fabric in the body of the F1 has an ultra-fine weave, which supports rather than compresses the muscles. Combine that with Assos’s ergonomic four-panel design, which requires fewer seams than others, and the shorts feel great. 

The pad has a dimpled surface, a little like a golf ball. It cushions well and does a great job of dissipating heat. The perforated bib section’s lightweight mesh extends low at the front to keep you cool in the tucked position, and is so minimal you forget it’s there at all. 

In fact, everything about the F1 is right; we couldn’t find anything to fault, though at this price and level we’d expect nothing less. If you’re planning long days in the saddle, these shorts have few equals.

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