Kona Jack Shit Primo pedals review$60.00

Low-profile flats

BikeRadar score3.5/5

A refined look for 2010 sees the Jack Shit Primo pedals get more slender than ever. They’re now 20mm in depth and there’s even less chance of hooking them up.

The platform is large enough to plant your foot and provides a solid platform to push from. The die-cast alloy body can certainly take some knocks without a hint of buckling and the fact that all 32 pins are replaceable is great. They’re the screw-through type too, so they’re easy to remove if they get mashed.

In practice, the size and depth of the platform ensured plenty of clearance and an easy-to-hit target when slamming your foot back down.

But the logo in the centre of the pedal is too pronounced and means you can’t use all the pins’ length effectively, making for a loose, skatey feel at times. Ditch the logo and these would be great.

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