Selle San Marco ASPide FX saddle review$109.99

Simple but not overly minimal and very comfy

BikeRadar score4/5

There are 12 saddles in the ASPide range, and out of the lot of them this is the most common sense of all. It's not massively expensive, it's not heavy by any means, it's well made, simple and yet not overly minimal, and above all it's surprisingly comfortable.

The hull is reminiscent of the original Flite saddle, with a long area between the rail mounting points which allows the hull to flex more than it appears it should.

The leather-looking cover is in fact Lorica, which is hard wearing and easy to care for and has subtle sections of padding in just the right places.

Tubular Titanium rails help keep the weight down to a low 134g, and add a little to the comfort factor due to their slight flexibility edge over steel rails.

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