Bellwether Implant baggy shorts review$89.99

Shapeless, yet comfortable baggy shorts

BikeRadar score2.5/5

The Bellwether Implant baggy shorts are constructed from lightweight material and feature zippered ventilation ports and an airy inner short. Sadly, they were let down by an unusual straight shape and restricted waist sizing.

The fit from the waist to the legs was near-straight. We found the excess material to be too loose; it tended to droop below the thigh. Occasionally, this material slack would hook on protruding quick-release clamps.

Despite being excessively baggy, the material didn't hinder our pedalling and made for a pair of fast-feeling cross-country shorts. This meant that the Implants felt very comfortable when we were on the bike, with no unusual bunching or irritating seams.

Zippered vent ports at the legs were a neat touch and were definitely appreciated on hot days. The removable inner short, with mesh construction, boosted the great ventilation. This inner short also featured a quality chamois, making it all-day comfortable.

The implant baggy shorts feature zippered ventilation slits - open for hot days, closed for cold:
The implant baggy shorts feature zippered ventilation slits - open for hot days, closed for cold:

The zippered vents helped keep us cool on warmer days

The outer-shell used a material called X-Alt, which claimed to be water repellent. Unfortunately, we found it easily was overcome by anything more than a minor splash or light rainfall.

Also despite that bagginess, our small (30in) sample was undersized at the waist, The waist does feature adjustable velcro waistbands though.

The zippered pockets on the legs were deep and generous. Unfortunately, they extended to near the knee and so when we put a smart phone (or similar solid item) in them, we felt it with each pedal stroke.

Without a tapered fit or more generously sized waistband, the otherwise feature-packed Implant baggy shorts just don’t excite us.

David Rome

Former Editor, Australia
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