WTB Vigilante TCS tire review$67.95

A tire that rewards fit, aggressive riders

BikeRadar score3.5/5

The Vigilante is another new tire from WTB, which is slowly moving away from its traditional V-shaped treads – squint and you can still make out the hint of a V on this tire though.

The inspiration and intention for the Vigilante is European enduro racing – fast, technical, loose trails where any sort of weather can occur. WTB pro racer Mark Weir has been a key figure in this design, and it’s most definitely one that rewards an aggressive and fit rider.

The tread is extremely grippy, with a wonderful predictability and reassuring feel to it. It has a lovely progressive performance – you always know where you are in terms of the limit. When the tire does break away it’s gradual rather than sudden, and the carcass is a spot-on compromise of support, durability and feel.

The shoulders aren’t all that pronounced, but the Vigilante performs really well when cornering or when attacking off-camber trails at speed. Braking performance is excellent too.

It’s perhaps a bit too draggy to use as a rear tire on drier, firmer terrain, but as a front tire it’s a top all-rounder for aggressive enduro racers and trail riders alike.

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