Forcefield Pro Tube X-V 1 knee pads review

Pads for your knees or elbows

BikeRadar score2/5

The Pro Tube X-V 1 sleeve-style pads from Forcefield are advertised for use on your knees or elbows. I used them as knee pads, because they size up quite big.

The X-V 1s are winners when it comes to comfort, with the soft and breathable base material making them some of the plushest pads I’ve tested. At 270g for the pair, they’re light too.

The flexible, 8mm-thick ‘Isolator 1’ padding covers a decent amount of your knee and shin too.

While I never noticed the pads sliding down my legs or shifting position while riding, the sleeve felt too loose above the knee. With no silicone print on the inside of the upper opening to help keep it in place, I found the (removable) elasticated top strap tended to slide down and crumple inside the pad, even when done up tight.

Also, while it’s good that you can remove the padding when it’s time to wash the pads, the Velcro that holds it in place is too weak. This means the pouch where the knee cup sits is prone to opening when you’re riding, contributing to the problem with the material above the knee sliding down.

Constantly having to pull up the top strap and refit the padding in its pouch became frustrating.

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