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Oscar Pereiro hopes he can hang on to the lead tomorrow, Michael Rasmussen is pleased to be given hi

Oscar Pereiro hopes he can hang on to the lead tomorrow, Michael Rasmussen is pleased to be given hi


Oscar Pereiro: "This race is a little crazy. Yesterday Floyd Landis was the strongest of all the riders and today he had a bad day and the same sort of thing could happen to anyone tomorrow. I'd like to finish the next stage in the yellow jersey and, after that, consolidate my position in the general classification. I think that's a better way to approach this Tour. It's better to consider things on a day-by-day basis. Today was good but tomorrow is another day. There are other riders who have a little bit more left in their legs and I'm happy to enjoy what's happened today."

Michael Rasmussen: "I've enjoyed a few successes today but it happened a little later in the race than I would have liked. It's been a long time to wait for me this year as I've been riding in the shadow of Menchov but after what happened yesterday we changed the tactics a little bit and today I got my freedom to do what I wanted. and I did just that. I don't know what happened on the road behind me but I assume that I'm sitting with a comfortable lead in the climbing classification so it's possible to keep the polka-dot jersey until the finish."

Carlos Sastre: "I was waiting for this moment in the race to be able to make a difference. In all the stages up to now I've wanted to do something I haven't had good legs. On the last climb I saw that Floyd wasn't going well, so I'm happy with the way things went for me. The race is still very open. It was a positive day for me but tomorrow will be hard and now I'm just thinking about recovering. I know Oscar [Pereiro] well, I like and respect him, and I know that he'll be difficult to beat."

Bjarne Riis: "It was a good day for us - a fun day. Of course I wanted Carlos to attack but it was his decision to go when Landis got dropped. Carlos lit the fuse. I'm surprised by Landis's performance; I didn't see it coming, but then anything can happen on a stage like this."

Andreas Klden: "I will have to see how I recover. But if I get the chance to attack I will take it. My gap to Pereiro is still too big for me to be able to get it all back in the time trial on Saturday. I need to gain time on him before then. It's a pity that we gave him half an hour back at Montlimar."

Theo de Rooij, Rabobank team manager: "The situation has changed in the last week but in the first period it was not very difficult to choose a leader for our team. Menchov was very strong and then, after yesterday's stage we knew we had to attack because Rasmussen was very impressive in the last five kilometres of the stage to Alpe d'Huez. He had the freedom today to do his stage. The only assignment for Denis was to stay with Landis and. well, he didn't stay with him all the way, luckily enough."

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