Castelli Pocket Liner waterproof jacket review$299.99

Unique Italian cycling top

BikeRadar score4/5

The expense of the Castelli Pocket Liner jacket is partly due to the labour-intensive construction its design requires. 

The highly waterproof and breathable eVent material has 'plissé stretch zones' – concertina-like sections – to achieve an anatomical fit on the back and elbows. 

The breathability is improved with a couple of zipped side vents, while the zip's wide external storm flap is supplemented by large velcro patches for extra security all the way up to the collar; adjustable velcro cuffs help to keep your wrists dry too. 

The eVent material shrugs off heavy rain very well, but for a lightweight top it's still a squeeze getting it in a jersey pocket. This really is a great top… but it comes at a correspondingly top price.

The level of waterproofing is fantastic

  • WE SAY... Great water resistance but it's hard to ignore the £290 price

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