Prologo Dimension Nack saddle review$195.00

Meet Prologo’s sawn-off perch

BikeRadar score4/5

After years of extra-long designs inspired by Fizik’s Arione, the short saddle seems like a dismissal of what we were told was a performance advantage. But short saddles do have some clear benefits. You have to remain in one position, so initial set up is critical, but the stubby nose means much of the cause of potential discomfort has been removed. Shorter saddles are also lighter.

Prologo’s Dimension is just 245mm long — 35mm shorter than its Scratch saddles — but a reasonably generous 143mm wide.

It weighs 157.6g, making it the lightest short saddle we’ve seen. It has a big pressure-relief channel, plenty of high-density padding and a stepped nose that’s superbly comfortable when you’re riding on the rivet.

It feels similar to the S-Works Power saddle, but with slightly more compliant padding. It’s not as soft as the Pro Stealth, though. The cover’s printed texture holds you in position well in the dry, but I found that it became a little slippery on wet rides.

That’s not what you want from a saddle that relies on you staying in one place and it would be good to see some of Prologo’s grippy CPC surfacing here.

Being neither as compliant as the Pro Stealth nor as firm as Specialized’s S-Works Power marks Prologo’s Dimension out as the ‘Goldilocks’ choice when it comes to short race saddles.

The only real downside if you’re in the market for a short saddle is the price of the carbon-railed Nack, especially as the Tirox version, with ti-alloy rails weighs a still very light 179g and retails for £80 less.

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