Axa Nano 50 Plus – First look

By BikeRadar US | Wednesday, April 4, 2012 4.30pm

Axa have already won a Red Dot design award with their new Nano 50 Plus headlight. The 50-lux (lumens per square meter) LED lamp is dynamo-powered, and doubles as a charger for anything with a USB connection.

As far as city bike lights go, the Nano 50 isn’t cheap; its US$129.95 price tag doesn’t include the required 6-volt dynamo — either hub or side runner — but it’s the added features that make it relevant to city cyclists.

Besides the ability to toggle between the light and USB charging function — they can’t be used together — the Nano 50 offers what Axa calls “intelligent beam” where as the light beam adjusts its focus, nearer or farther, depending on the detected speed.

The Nano 50 also has a “steady” light feature, where as the light stays on for 4 minutes after a rider comes to a stop, which is especially functional for stop and go city cycling where riders are often forced to make frequent stops during their journeys.

The nano 50 plus charges anything with a usb input: from smart phones to gps devices:

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The Nano 50 Plus charges anything with a USB input: from smart phones to GPS devices

Axa rate the LED bulb used in the Nano 50 for 30,000 or more hours, and the unit provides USB charging power at speeds over 10kph.

Cantitoe Road distributes the German manufacturer Axa in the US and the Nano 50 Plus is available for sale now.

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