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Busch & Muller Big Bang Lightset

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80.0 out of 5 stars

"A slightly big, weighty but utterly bonkers light that firmly kicks arse"

Sunday, September 27, 2009 11.00am By

If you have this kind of money burning a hole in your pocket, then buy the Big Bang and burn a hole in the night.

The beam pattern is fantastic for road riding, similar in a lot of ways to a car or a motorcycle. It has a pronounced cut-off, with very little light going anywhere above horizontal – so it can be massively bright and yet not dazzle oncoming traffic.

The centre section of the beam is like a wide flat bar, and then there’s lots of spread for wide, even lighting of the road below that goes right up to your front wheel.

And it’s bright, incredibly bright. We rode just as we do in daylight without a moment of worry or caution. And the fact that it will give out this wonderfully controlled bright light for over five hours is excellent.

There's a small clip-on lens you place onto the light for off-road use, which dissipates the beam and makes that precise light go everywhere – literally everywhere. It's like having a stadium floodlight on your bike – and it'll run like that for over five hours.

There are no modes other than off and "oh my God", a detailed battery level meter around the switch, and overall truly excellent construction.

When you turn it off, you can restart the light after just two seconds – which is very quick for a gas discharge lamp. It's waterproof and way tougher than you may think, with an incredible quality of light.

Road: 4/5

Off-road: 3.5/5

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Big Bang Lightset (09)
Busch & Muller

Weight (g):
EMITTER: Gas Discharge x 1 BATTERY: Lithium Ion MOUN: Bar MEASURED RUN TIME FULL POWER: 5 hours 16 minutes
Type of Battery Required:

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