Masterlock Street Cuff Sport lock £68.51

Ideal for quick-stop security

BikeRadar score 4/5

The Street Cuff is essentially a pair of handcuffs – you can wrap one cuff around a frame tube, the other to whatever you're locking it to.

Because the cuffs are always filled, they're impossible to lever open; it’s also difficult to cut or hammer them and the central chain rotates freely. We couldn’t lever the lock, we struggled with the domed rivets and after five minutes had inflicted only cosmetic damage. 

Overall the Cuff is ideal for quick stops. It’s not ideal for higher security needs, as the design means you can’t use it to lock anything but the frame – leaving the wheels, seatpost and saddle vulnerable. It passed our general manual attack, and took 33.5 seconds to cut with our portable angle grinder.

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