Updated: Mavic Mantra shoes review£165.00

Trail footwear with waterproof overshoe

BikeRadar score3/5

The Mantra has a casual style but when you put it on, it’s noticeably light and stiff to walk in. The pronounced tread pattern gives a skittish quality across the floor as well.

That lightweight rigidity comes courtesy of a carbon outsole, which of course explains the ‘don’t tell the bank manager’ price tag.

The strap closure, with its forefoot tweak, means you can pull things as tightly as you want, and nothing should move until the straps are loosened at the end of the ride.

The power transfer is so efficient that, once on the bike, it’s like someone’s gifted you two more gears, and the extra treads that make you teeter as you walk really come into their own across roots and rocks.

This is a tough shoe to pigeonhole because, while it isn’t a full-on race shoe, it does turn in a race-effective performance that’s disguised in more everyday styling. Then there’s the acceptable off-bike ease. That combo does come at a high price, though.

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