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Magura Julie

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70.0 out of 5 stars

"A bit numb, but tough and well proven for the price"

Tuesday, April 8, 2008 1.00pm By

Magura’s Julie brake has been around for years, and now it offers no-nonsense performance at a better price than ever.

The big resin body and chunky blade aren’t subtle, and the feel from the thick lever is a bit wooden. Once bedded in, overall modulation is good too, and while it’s not super stoppy in standard spec, it comes in a 210mm/190mm rotor option for extra power. Despite its bulk, overall weight is good.

Like all Magura brakes you get a five-year no-leak guarantee if you register online; and comprehensive race support.

The low pressure hoses are less flexible than most though and you’ll soon find its boiling point if you start cooking it in proper mountains. A proven UK-useful brake for the money.

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There is a 210mm/190mm rotor option for extra power.
Weight (g):
Julie fits perfectly with all current STI, trigger and twist grip shifting systems
Bike Compatability:
BMX Campagnolo Road Bike

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