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"Different, but comfortable, secure and offer good control"

Sunday, January 6, 2008 8.00am By

Charge thinks you ought to be able to use white grips on your mountain bike, and who are we to argue? They start off looking nice anyway. Structurally, these 130mm long, 121g grips are a tube of rubber bonded to a thin plastic sleeve which slides easily on and off the bar and attaches to it via two 3mm Allen grub screws which cinch twin alloy compression rings. Suffice to say you'll never suffer from 'throttle grip' on a wet ride again.

What endures, though, is the comfort and control from the fine diamond-file grip pattern embossed onto the kraton rubber sleeve. It's better with thin gloves to begin with, but as the rubber begins to soften then you can go bare-handed (if you like that) without undue soreness. They're similar in profile to the popular ODI Ruffian, so if you like those -- and lots of you do -- these are a great, slightly disco option.

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