F’izi:k THAR saddle - first look

New 29er-specific saddle

Saddle manufacturer F’izi:k has developed a new saddle intended to be used on 29er mountain bikes.

So what makes a saddle 29er-specific? According to F’izi:k, “Larger wheels have forced changes in mountain bike geometry, often including longer chainstays and shallower seat angles. These changes have an affect on weight distribution and bike fit, tending to position the rider further towards the back of the bike.”

In order to address these fit issues, the THAR has rails with 95mm of fore/aft adjustment—25mm longer than comparable saddles, F’izi:k claims. This length was added to the rear of the saddle, allowing it to be positioned further forward to compensate for shallower seat angles and longer top tubes found on some (but certainly not all) big-wheeled mountain bikes.

In addition to adding more fore/aft adjustment, the THAR also has a shorter tail to prevent the saddle buzzing the rear tire. A rare occurrence that can happen on some long-travel 29ers when the rear suspension is fully compressed and the seatpost is completely dropped.

The THAR comes with two Nylon spaces, called Tuner Inserts, which allow the rider to customize saddle flex.

The Thar has longer rails and a shorter tail than comparable saddles

The THAR is available in two versions. The THAR with manganese rails has a claimed weight of 225g and retails for $99. The version with K:ium (tubular titanium alloy) rails has a claimed weight of 195g and retails for $150.

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