First look: Stash folding helmet

By Tony Farrelly | Saturday, February 23, 2008 6.23pm

We are big fans of innovation here at BikeRadar so if someone's got a new take on an age-old cycling problem we're keen to see give it a go. 

We first saw the Stash at last year's Eurobike show where it bagged a design award and we knew we had to get our hands on one. Now thanks to our colleagues on our sister magazine, Cycling Plus, we have.

First impressions…

May not be lasting impressions, but we never really had helmet storage down as an age-old cycling problem, not compared with punctures, comfortable saddles or waterproofs that can keep a high revving cyclist dry without boiling him or her in the bag. Partly the anwer here is that this helmet is not aimed purely at cyclists,  according to the blurb on the box the Stash is a 'multi-activity helmet for use with pedal and electric cycles, skateboards and roller skates/blades'. (That last bit might explain the slightly space cadet meets Tron look of the thing). Skate helmets are probably bigger than bike lids, even so the Stash is so big that folded it takes up about the same amout of space as a normal cycling helmet. 

One other thing, what happens if you get a side-on impact, is it just your head that stops the Stash folding up?

Anyone remember tron?: anyone remember tron?

Our very own Tron space cadet

So, how does it fold?

Simple. The sides fold in to the midde. It's quite a nifty mechanism, but don't expect that your are going to be able to fit it in your back pocket. Although when I stow my helmet I usually clip it to the side of my bag, or when I stow it inside the backpack, other bits of kit in the hole where my head used to be.

For convenient storage: for convenient storageBingo!

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Again these are first impressions but even with the pads fitted we struggled to find anyone in the BikeRadar offices who could get a medium or large sized lid to fit without slipping - maybe that was just us. Heads are very personal things so as with all helmets we'd advise you try before you buy.

The Stash costs £49.99 and is available direct from Stash's own website where you can also by other accessories including backpacks and laptop bags to store your Stash in.

Don't forget to check out the in-depth review in an upcoming issue of Cycling Plus, in the meantime let us know what you think - would you put your head in a Stash?

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