Rapha unveil their £3,000 cycling suit

That's right, it wasn't an April fool

When we revealed on 31 March that Rapha were making a £3,000 cycling suit, some people assumed it was an early April fool. Well it wasn't, and here's the proof.

Rapha unveiled the bespoke three-piece suit in London last night, in front of a select group of the high-end clothing company's "best British and European customers.

The garment is the result of a year's work with Savile Row tailor Timothy Everest, and is designed to be at home "on the bike and in the boardroom".

Bike-friendly features include the front flaps of the jacket, which turn back and button under the pocket so they don’t flap when riding and, along with the underside of the collar and sleeves, are pink for visibility.

For additional reach on the bike the jacket has a stretchy ‘action back’ and the cuffs turn down, making the sleeves longer.

The fabric is a wool with a Prince of Wales check. Rapha say nanotechnology in the fabric makes it amazingly water and stain resistant, and keeps the wearer cool in summer and warm in winter.

Timothy Everest said: ''The brief was to tackle the response to growth in commuting by bicycle and compromises in available clothing. The first suit is a purely bespoke design with the ergonomics needed for cycling as well as looking reasonably smart.

"The fabric is inspired by old-boy country suits worn by farmers to market – think Reid and Taylor 1958. Having said that, this colouring is more urban, being black-based with grey and a Rapha pink overcheck, so that it fits with most people’s wardrobes.

"The yarn has a nanotechnology, making it very showerproof, but unlike Teflon it doesn't affect the appearance or how the cloth handles.”

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