Wilier Cento1Air - Italian company's first aero road bike

Based on Cento1SR and Twin Blade time trial frame

Wilier have announced the Cento1Air, the Italian firm's first full aero road bike. It draws on the Twin Blade TT frame and features low rear stays, an aero seatpost and clamp, and Kamm tail-style tube profiles (airfoil with flat rear surface), as well as an elongated gusset behind the head tube to help streamline the airflow.

Video update: Wilier Cento1Air at Eurobike 2013

The Cento1Air is similar to the flagship Wilier Cento1SR in terms of geometry and frame construction. It boasts big asymmetric chainstays and uses a BB386 Evo bottom bracket, the aim being that stiffness and handling aren't compromised for the sake of aerodynamics.

The Cento1Air will come in six sizes and five colours, shipping in September 2013. Pricing and final specs are to be confirmed. For more information see www.wilier.it.

Wilier Cento1Air aero road bike

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