Men's vs. women's bikes — just how different are they?

We pit the Giant Reign against the Liv Hail to find out

Just how different are men's and women's bikes? We tested the Giant Reign against the Liv Hail to find out

Liv Cycling is the women's specific sister company to Giant Bicycles, but unlike many others that simply modify pre-existing unisex models with components more appropriate for a women’s build, Liv designs its bikes from the ground up with different geometry for female riders.

But exactly how much do women's bikes differ from their unisex or male counterparts?

The Hail is a new addition to the Liv range and according to Liv, it's been designed specifically for women with a focus on enduro riding and racing. The Reign is a 160mm travel bike in the Giant line, designed for a similar enduro/all-mountain purpose. Both 160mm of travel, similar suspension kinematics and build kits.

However, this is where the comparisons end, with the geometry of the two bikes being markedly different.

But how much of a difference does this make? To find out we sent out women’s editor, Aoife Glass and technical editor, Tom Marvin to test both of the bikes back to back. Check out the video above to see how they got on!

Jack Luke

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