Bosch has Google Maps in its sights with onboard ebike navigation

Brand-new touchscreen Nyon display and Kiox updates bring integrated navigation to Bosch-equipped electric mountain bikes

Bosch Nyon electric mountain bike on-board computer

In a bid to greater integrate widely relied-on tech, Bosch’s new Nyon onboard computer, which is mounted on some Bosch-equipped electric bikes, will have built-in navigation with range information along with a brand-new 3.2in colour touchscreen.


Bosch’s smaller Kiox computer also get a software update for navigation functionality.

Bosch Nyon onboard electric bike computer navigation details

Headlining the updates to the Nyon onboard computer are its advanced navigation functions.

Although the Nyon relies heavily on Bosch’s eBike Connect phone and web apps to transfer routes from third-party programmes such as Komoot and Outdooractive, navigation functions can be controlled via the app or on the head unit’s display.

Bosch Nyon electric mountain bike on-board computer
The device has a 3.2in colour touchscreen display.

The nattiest feature on the new Nyon has to be its range-calculating function, though.

Using topographical data on the selected route and taking remaining battery life and current mode selected into account, the Nyon can estimate and visually display on its onboard map how far you will be able to ride before depleting the battery.

If a rider has been using a particularly energy-intensive mode and is likely to deplete the battery, the Nyon can alert them that a different mode should be selected to complete the journey.

It can also tell you whether there’s enough range to be able to reach a certain destination in any given support mode.

Recent destinations are listed and points of interest, such as a home address, can be stored, too. The current location can also be saved as a starting point for a route, in the event a rider might want to come back but is unsure of their surroundings.

New maps or map updates are downloaded wirelessly over WiFi, however Bosch doesn’t specify whether it’s using its own mapping platform or if it’s using a third-party map to provide the map data.

Bosch Nyon electric mountain bike on-board computer
With range prediction and mapping, there are fewer excuses to not go riding.

It remains to be seen whether the on-device navigation is as good as Google Maps, Komoot or a manually-plotted GPS track, but it certainly looks like Bosch has been working hard to refine its system.

Bosch also doesn’t say whether the navigation function is suitable for on-road use only or whether it includes forest roads, cycle paths, bridleways and waymarked trail centre tracks.

Fitness, customisation, connectivity and device details

Along with its navigation functionality, the Nyon can also calculate calorie consumption (using the bike’s onboard cadence, speed and power sensors) and be paired with a heart rate monitor to enhance the data.

The device also compares a rider’s current ride performance with their average performance values. This data is then displayed in the companion app and online web portal.

For the casual exerciser, Bosch’s app could be a gateway to rides more focused on training, providing them with goals to improve.

Rides recorded using the Nyon and eBike Connect app can then be shared on Strava, thanks to integration with the popular ride-tracking app.

Along with Strava, the Nyon’s also compatible with Apple Health, Google Fit, Spotify and Audible. This means app functionality can be controlled using the Nyon’s display, as long as a smartphone is connected.

Bosch Nyon electric mountain bike on-board computer
Bosch’s app integration opens up the best of the Nyon’s features.

The information on the display can be configured and customised depending on your needs and it automatically sets brightness and backlight intensity depending on the ambient lighting. Dark or light mode can be manually toggled, too.

It also features a secondary layer of theft protection, called Lock. If the display is disconnected from the bike, motor support cannot be activated.

The display is a 3.2in touchscreen that is operational when wet and with touchscreen-compatible gloves. The Nyon is rated IP54 and IPX7 for dust and water protection .

Individual ride modes can also be programmed. This lets the user set their own motor support levels for different speeds so the bike can be adapted for personal needs.

The Nyon onboard computer can be retrofitted to any Bosch-equipped electric bike produced since model year 2014 onwards. The new computer is available from autumn 2020.

Bosch Kiox onboard electric bike computer navigation details

Bosch Kiox electric mountain bike on-board computer
The display fields are customisable.

Bosch’s smaller colour display Kiox bike computer also gets increased functionality, thanks to a software update.

Although it relies entirely on a connection with a smartphone running Bosch’s eBike Connect app, the Kiox can now display turn-by-turn navigation information.

The display’s depiction of the route rotates to the direction of travel as the rider takes corners to aid with navigation.

Bosch Kiox electric mountain bike on-board computer
The Kiox has on-screen navigation when it’s connected to Bosch’s app.

Information such as distance to the destination is also displayed on screen. Other display parameters, such as speed or battery charge, can be customised.

The Kiox software updates are available from summer 2020 and will be downloaded automatically when the Kiox is connected to the Bosch eBike Connect app.


The onboard computer can be retrofitted to all Bosch electric bike systems made from model year 2014 onwards.