Bradley Wiggins’ Pinarello Bolide HR track bike

A sneak peek at Jaguar and Pinarello's collaboration for Hour Record attempt

This article originally appeared on Cyclingnews


Bradley Wiggins will attempt the UCI Hour Record this Sunday at the Lee Valley VeloPark aboard a Pinarello Bolide HR. The bike was co-engineered by Jaguar and the Italian bicycle company, with Wiggins calling it “the most aerodynamic track bike I’ve ever ridden”.

Wiggins’ Bolide HR is based on Pinarello’s road model with the distinctive difference being its one-piece titanium handlebar and frameset for aerodynamics.

“The UCI Hour Record is the toughest challenge of human performance in cycling, where every fraction of a second matters,” Wiggins said. “I’ve worked with Jaguar’s performance engineers since 2010, and their world class knowledge and experience in aerodynamics, combined with Pinarello’s expert frame building, gives me confidence that I can set a new standard on Sunday.”

Jaguar Land Rover’s engineers took the design and made a claimed overall aerodynamic performance increase of 7.5 percent. The engineers also used the same design methods used in the Jaguar XE, the company’s “most aerodynamic car”, with all the components of the bike being examined for possible improvements.

The bike features a one-piece handlebar system created with laser sintering technology, with Wiggins’ arm position optimised to reduce drag. The designers also narrowed the fork, bringing it closer to the front wheel in order to improve the air flow on the down tube and bottom bracket area along with the re-shaping of the chain ring and hubs for further aerodynamic benefits.

“Jaguar has a talented team of engineers with a great depth of aerodynamic knowledge, so we’re very proud to be able to work on this collaboration with Pinarello,” said John Pitman, principal CFD aerodynamicist at Jaguar Land Rover. “Applying this level of engineering capability and analysis to the development of bikes is still very new in cycling, and showcases the industry-leading expertise and facilities we have at Jaguar Land Rover.”

Pinarello has a history of creating bikes for the UCI Hour Record having last done so for Miguel Indurain, Wiggins’ childhood cycling hero, in developing the Pinarello Espada for the seven-time Grand Tour winner.


“I’m extremely honoured to be involved in creating this special Bolide HR for Bradley’s Hour Record challenge, 20 years after the last model we designed for Miguel Indurain,” said Pinarello CEO Fausto Pinarello. “Our relationship with Bradley, as well as Jaguar during our years as fellow partners of Team Sky continues to ensure Pinarello are creating world class, high performance bikes.”