Lose mass (and money) with Tubolito’s high-tech tubes

Lighter and much stronger than a standard tube, the company claims

Tubolito is a new — and very orange — inner tube that’s impressively light yet somehow also incredibly strong, the company claims.

Tubolito’s high-tech inner tubes are significantly lighter than standard butyl tubes
Josh Patterson / Immediate Media

According to this Austrian start-up, Tubolito uses a new, unspecified thermoplastic polymer along with a seamless production process to create inner tubes that weigh an average of 65 percent less than traditional butyl rubber tubes while being twice as robust.

In addition to being lighter, Tubolitos are also much more compact
Josh Patterson / Immediate Media

There are three MTB versions of these weight-weenie tubes. The standard Tubo, the Tubo+ for high-volume 27.5in (2.5 to 3in in width), and the incredibly light, top-end Tubo S, which gets its weight savings from a removable valve stem and has a claimed weight of just 45g for the 29er version. 

The Tubo Road is even lighter, with a claimed weight of 33g.

Tubolito by the numbers

The company claims these tubes are twice as strong as a standard inner tube, we hope to test this in the near future
Josh Patterson / Immediate Media

Here’s the complete breakdown of sizes and published weights

Standard Tubo

  • 29in: 85g
  • 27.5in: 82g
  • 26in: 78g
  • Tubo+
  • 27.5+: 105g

Tubo S

  • 29in: 45g
  • 27.5in: 44g
  • 26in: 42g

Tubo Road 

  • 700c: 33g

Pricing and availability

Everything about the Tubolito is small, except the price tag
Josh Patterson / Immediate Media

As you might have guessed, these tubes will pull weight out of your wallet as well. The standard, plus and road models retail for $35. The ultra-light Tubo S models retail for $45. (UK and Australian pricing TBC.) They will be available in late 2017.


Visit www.tubolito.com to learn more.