Pioneer drops pricing to undercut Stages

Single-leg and dual-leg power meters cut by about 30%

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The power-meter price wars continue. This week Pioneer dropped prices on its SGY meters, with the single-leg Shimano Dura-Ace version falling from $899 to $629 — $20 less than the Stages Dura-Ace meter. For North America, dual-sided meters went down in price too, with Dura-Ace going from $1,849 to $1,499 and the Ultegra version now at $1,299 from $1,549. In Europe, only the single-leg prices dropped, down to €899 for Dura-Ace. In UK and AU pricing was not immediately available.

Pioneer originally came out with a $2,500 dual-leg meter that included a color-screen computer and some unique features like force direction, which measures and visually displays where in the pedal stroke a rider is applying power, and in which direction.

The original meter required dealers to assemble the strain gages onto a rider’s crank, a solution that wasn’t warmly received. Now, however, the meter comes installed, and the power meters can work either on ANT+ for use with Garmin and other GPS computers, or Pioneer’s own wireless frequency.

The newly repriced meters measure power at 12 points and, when paired with a Pioneer SGX computer (for $300 or $499), can show power production in a way no other meter can. This style of measurement requires that a magnet be affixed to the frame. For use as a standard power meter over ANT+, however, this magnet isn’t required. 

Pioneer has a unique way of measuring and displaying power production: pioneer has a unique way of measuring and displaying power production

Pioneer has a unique way of measuring and displaying power production

The Pioneer SGY single-leg and dual-leg meter ship in ANT+ mode, and can be switched over to Pioneer’s SGX mode with a press of an SGX button.

“Installation is greatly simplified from when we launched the product,” said Russ Johnston, executive vice president of marketing and corporate communications for Pioneer Electronics.

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As more players enter the power-meter market, prices are generally going down, not up. Quarq dropped its prices last April, Stages lowered its prices last September and PowerTap lowered its prices in January