Saris H3 smart trainer and MP1 moving platform

Highlights from the 2020 Saris range

*At 2:20 please note the MP1 will retail for $1,199.


BikeRadar stopped by the Saris booth at Eurobike 2019 to find out what was new from the brand.

The H3 is a new smart trainer from Saris and the successor to the popular H2 trainer (branded the CycleOps Hammer 2 in most markets).

Updated internals make for quieter operation over the H2, while the 2,000w max resistance figure of the old trainer has been retained. Despite its improvements, the H3 comes in at $200 cheaper than the H2.

Another new product for 2020 is the MP1 “motion platform”, a moving platform which enhances indoor training by simulating the fore, aft and side to side movements associated with outdoor riding.


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