Spurcycle launches slimmer and slightly more affordable premium bell

Spurcycle slims down the profile of the original bell to work better with crowded handlebars

New Spurcycle Compact Bell-1

Spurcycle’s new Compact Bell is a considerably slimmer and marginally more affordable version of the brand’s original iconic bell loved by on-bike campanologists the world over. 

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We are the first media outlet to get our grubby mitts on this lovely ding-a-linger and are therefore pleased to present you with this exclusive hands-on first look.

Compared to the original bell – which is now officially referred to by Spurcycle as the ‘Original Bell’ – the new Compact Bell is considerably slimmed down, with a smaller, more traditional 22.2mm plastic clamp that loses the brace at the base of the bell. 

Spurcycle Compact Bell-2
The overall size of the bell is much smaller than the original model.
Jack Luke / Immediate Media

This, Spurcycle claims, will make it easier to fit the bell onto increasingly cluttered handlebars, with its slim profile allowing it to sit neatly alongside dropper levers, shifters and brakes. 

Unlike the original model, the new bell is struck internally by a plastic clapper. The previous model used a neatly formed wire that held a brass that struck the bell externally. The new layout makes the bell far more compact. Despite being plastic, the action feels really crisp, with no notable flex. 

(Yes, we did have to go onto Wikipedia to look up the anatomy of a bell to find out that bit was called a ‘clapper’.) 

For those that care about such things, the bell weighs bang on 28g. 

We know it sounds daft but, just like the original model, the ring of the Compact Bell is absolutely sublime. 

Spurcycle Compact Bell hardware
The overall build quality of the bell is very high.
Jack Luke / Immediate Media

The tone is crisp, clear and has a wonderful sustain. The overall construction is also excellent, using high-quality stainless-steel hardware and a nice brass insert bonded into the clamp to secure the bell.

The new bell will be sold alongside the existing model and will retail at $39 direct from Spurcycle. This is a $10 saving over the original model. 

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The bell will also be available via the brand’s international distributors, with worldwide pricing to be confirmed.