Bianchi reviews and news

Bianchi reviews and news

Italian bicycle company

Bianchi is an Italian company that's one of the oldest bicycle firms still in business today. Edoardo Bianchi started the company in 1885 as a 21 year-old. Perhaps more so than any other bicycle company, Bianchi is known for a particular hue – celeste, a pale turquoise.

Bianchi dabbled in car and motorcycle production, but never to any great success. Bianchi today produces mountain and cyclocross bikes, but remains known for its Italian road machines.

BikeRadar's Bianchi page brings you all the latest news and reviews of Bianchi products, including the BIanchi Oltre race machine and the Bianchi Infinito and Bianchi Intenso road bikes.

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If it performs as well as it looks Ducati are on to a winner

Bianchi now make bikes under licence from legendary Italian motorbike manufacturer Ducati and the first road-going example is the Ducati Factory 900XR - undoubtedly the most bling bike at the Bianchi launch.

Bianchi HoC 928

In recent years Bianchi have kept a fresh yearly line-up of bikes through simple tweaks and cosmetic changes. The 2007 range was highly developed, but it could be criticized for falling behind big brands Scott and Specialized and falling short of the technical innovations of smaller companies such as BMC and Cérvelo.

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