Animal Relentless rock Leamington Spa

By Ric McLaughlin | Friday, July 17, 2009 8.30am

The Animal Relentless Bike Tour has now safetly become ensconsed in the British summer psyche. It's up there with Wimbeldon, standing about in fields and strawberries and cream. Sort of...

The boys have really upped their game for this years shows. Trials supremo Martyn Ashton was joined by DMR brothers Blake and Ray Samson and Gavin Bedford smack bang in the city centre of Leamington Spa.

New for this summers shows are a massive jump ramp, higher trials obstacles and some snazzy new vechiles thanks to new sponsors Mercedes Benz Vito Sport. The new kit wasn't just new to the crowd however; "It was a great crowd but a pretty scary day for me," said Martyn Ashton, "I was basically practicing on new obstacles live!"

Another rider who is making regular appearances on the tour is the newly crowned 26Trix champion Sam Pilgrim. "The crowds are always ace at the shows," Sam told us, "It always pushes me to bust out some pretty scary moves over the jump box."

Check out the crews latest video here:

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Straight after the Leamington Spa show it was straight back in the Vito's and down to NASS in Bristol to wow yet another crowd. Checkout the Animal Relentless Bike Tour website to get dates for your nearest show and make sure not to miss out this summer!

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