Dallaglio Cycle Slam dresses up...

When you're riding across Europe you might as well raid the dressing up box...

Tuesday. La Spezia to Arrenzano. 140km. Fancy Dress Day

Lorraine dallaglio?:

Falling behind on writing. So much to do! A wet start. Billed as mountains but just some steady climbs up past Positano. 100km of lovely roads and then the ghastly experience of riding through Genova (Genoa to us). Total vertical today 2050m.

New king of the mountains kit?:

Stopped for great pasta. On her Garmin Joanna burned 8400 calories, and Lawrence a whopping 10400. Pippo the CEO of Sacla (the pasta sauce company that L has a deal with) hosted dinner. He rides 20k every year. An animal - and great dinner. It's dangerous to deal in absolutes but the night before might be the most disgusting I've ever had.

We are riding Giant TCRs in core group. They handle really well and Paul says he prefers it to his Litespeed. David Millar's suggestion on mudguard was god send. He should be on commission from SKS. Star performer has to be Kerry. We complain about carrying tubes and bars. She is four months pregnant.

Last day tomorrow with this group. Flat 120km coast road west to San Remo....

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