I'm firing up the Grifter...

My Hot Lap of Donington will redefine the meaning of hot.

Graeme Obree is unlikely to be quaking in his cycling shoes, but I'm planning on making history at Bikeradar Live on Sunday May 31...I say making history...I really mean making a fool of myself. In what will surely be a first, I'm going to blast* around Donington Park's famous circuit on my Raleigh Grifter. Oh yes, a Procycling Hot Lap on a classic kids bike from the late 1970s. Spectacular, I'm sure you'll agree!**

The Grifter was a Christmas present from the team here at CPlus – I'd moaned about not having one as a kid far too often – and so far it's only been put through its paces on the mean streets of Bath. Where better then to see what a far too small bicycle, and a far too unfit man, can do than an undulating two-mile circuit. Boy, people will be talking about it for years to come.*** Forget Senna at the European Grand Prix in 1993,**** Spedding at Bikeradar Live in 2009 will be Donington Park the world will remember...

Obviously, I'll need a target time to aim for – such a stunning lap is unprecedented. So, as the Grifter was introduced in 1976 I aim to get round this highly technical and extremely challenging on-road loop in 19 minutes and 76 seconds. (Erm, or 20 minutes and 16 seconds...) And it'll all be for a good cause – the Geoff Thomas Foundation, official charity partner of the Cycling Plus Sportive. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity to see something quite magical, so make sure that you come along to Bikeradar Live to witness history in the making*****

*I say blast...I mean amble

**Okay, you won't

***Okay they won't


*****Alright, alright it's just an idiot riding a kid's bike on a motor-racing circuit. But it'll be an idiot having fun!

And if you really would like to see a magazine editor looking stupid sponsor me here!

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