We've got wood (en pedals)

By Ric McLaughlin | Friday, October 2, 2009 2.40pm

Here at MBUK Towers, pedals are one of those things that we see a lot of. The basic shape and style of the humble flat pedal is pretty much set in stone – the platform.

Interpretations come and go. Occasionally we see uber-skinny numbers or skateboard deck width ones, but largely they're a piece of metal with pins on either side which all spins on an axle.

The key here is the 'metal' bit. Outland are Raleigh's high-end parts department and their latest offerings take a break from the hard stuff, sort of...

Their already spot-on Slim pedals have been wrapped in a wood effect print. These things look more wooden than Orlando Bloom playing a conifer and really have to be seen to be believed.

This wrap print has got us thinking though – what else could we have printed onto our pedals?

Suggestions ranged from the sublime to the obscene. Among the printable were my beard, a kebab and a mirror-ball. Top of the class however was that of a battered pedal with all the paint chipped and scuffed so that when the inevitable occurs and they get a bit mangled you won't mind as much. Genius. Of a sort...

Go on then, what would you have printed on your own custom pedals? All suggestions below, the winner gets a high-five... 

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