Video: London-Ventoux-London with a Boris bike

Know what it feels like to ride up the Giant of Provençe on a 23kg bike

Riding a 23kg (50lb) Boris bike up Mont Ventoux sounds like a bad joke, but that's exactly what a trio of friends did earlier this year to raise money for a cancer charity.

Ian Laurie, Matthew Winstone and the unfortunate chap who had to ride the giant of Provence, Robert Holden, made a video documentary about their 24-hour caper to raise thousands for Macmillan Cancer Support.    

The three friends set themselves the challenge of hiring a Boris bike, loading it in a van, driving to the Bedoin in Provençe, saddling Holden up for the 21km (13-mile) grind to the top before dashing back and re-docking the bike inside 24 hours to avoid a £150 fine.

Watch the video to see if they made it.

Video: London-Ventoux-London on a Boris bike

Author: BikeRadar

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