Friday five-a-side: this week's new bike gear

Featuring kit from Ass Savers, Bioracer, Hope and more

It's nearly the end of the working week, so everyone stop talking, get your exercise books out, and take note of the shiny new road cycling and mountain biking gear that we at BikeRadar have got our mitts on. That's right kids, it's Friday Five-a-side time.

New road cycling gear

Knog Blinder USB lights

Knog blinder 4s and 1s:

Knog's lights have always found favour with the shaven-legged among us. There's no messing with permanent mounts and they're good looking too, not something you can take for granted with what is essentially dorky safety gear. The Blinder 1s use a single LED and are both tiny and remarkably visible. Their claimed output is 20 lumens but, if you need more firepower, the Blinder 4s quadruple that. Both versions come in fronts and rears and use the company's trademark rubber strap mounts – and charge by plugging directly into a USB port.

Blinder 1 front or rear £21.99 / US$29.95 / AU$29.95

Blinder 4 front or rear £34.99 / US$44.99 / AU54.95 /

Hope Road Stainless Bottom Bracket

Hope road stainless bottom bracket: hope road stainless bottom bracket

Not everyone gets excited by bottom brackets… but we do, so sit still and listen. Hope's reputation in the mountain bike world is unimpeachable and there's a guilty pleasure to be had in offending purists by fitting their components to road bikes. This 'gunsmoke' stainless steel number doesn't come cheap, but my is it ever pretty.

£80 / US$119.99

Park, M:Part, Pedro's and Birzman multitools

Multitools from park, pedros, m part and birzman: multitools from park, pedros, m part and birzman

You can never have too many multitools, so it's a good week when four turn up at once. All of these have chain tools and more allen keys than you can shake a stick at. A special shout out goes to the tiny M:Part, which includes a Hollowtech II pre-load cap tool – why didn't we think of that?

Park Tool I-Beam 3 £19.99 / US$26.95

M:Part 13 function £29.99 / US$TBC /

Pedro's ICM multitool £27.99 / US$30 /

Birzman Feexman Cicada Carbon £39.99 / $USTBC /

Bioracer Spitfire Winter Jacket

Bioracer spitfire jacket with pixel technology: bioracer spitfire jacket with pixel technology

Belgian company Bioracer is no stranger to innovation, and its kit has been worn to numerous national and world titles by the likes of Tony Martin and Marianne Vos. The Spitfure jacket uses its new Pixel fabric which, as shown above, reflects light in a manner that's quite startling. Under ambient light it appears unremarkable, but in the glare of car headlights (or a camera flash) it positively glows. We're impressed.

£TBC / US$TBC / €149

Genesis Equilibrium Disc 20 

Genesis equilibrium disc: genesis equilibrium disc

The Genesis Equilibrium has found a place in the crusty heart of many a British roadie, admired for its cheerful versatility and retro styling. We really like the look of this new disc version, the 20, which gets the latest 11 speed Shimano 105 groupset and TRP's excellent hydraulic/mechanic hybrid Hy/Rd brakes.

£1499 / US$N/A

New mountain bike gear

Ass Savers Wide mudguard

Ass saver wide: ass saver wide

We were sceptical when Ass Savers first appeared on the scene but we have to acknowledge they have their uses – they're not a substitute for full mudguards, but they do keep the worst of the spray off your rear, and they're awfully convenient. Ass Savers has now released a fat tyre version of its signature product, which we imagine will be of particular interest to those whose mountain bikes do double duty as commuters.

£7.20 / US$12

Birzman 1/2" Digital Torque Adapter

Birzman digital torque adapter: birzman digital torque adapter

What do you get the mechanic who has everything? A digital torque adapter of course! This neat little unit from Birzman fits inline with a 1/2" socket and ensures you won't break anything. With a range of 40-200N·m it's only going to be useful for bottom brackets and the like, but we do love a workshop toy.

£54.99 / US$TBC /

Bliss ARG 1.0 LD 12l backpack

Bliss: bliss

The latest from body armour specialists Bliss, this backpack offers a cavernous 12l of storage and all the features you could possibly want – there's back protection, a bladder compartment, various internal pockets and separate sets of loops for both your helmetand your knee pads. Bliss by name…

£124.99 / US$189.90

Endura Singletrack helmet

Endura singletrack helmet: endura singletrack helmet

Endura's latest headcase has generous vents, lots of adjustment, and comes in four tasteful colours. Better yet, if you're unlucky enough to put its safety certification to the test, Endura will give you 50 percent off a new lid. Assuming you survive, that is.

£69.99 / US$N/A

Marzocchi 350 CR fork

Marzocchi 350 fork: marzocchi 350 fork

Marzocchi's latest entry into the enduro market features the company's spangly Gold Race Coating on the stanchions and 160mm of travel, which can be adjusted internally down to 150 or 140mm. Naturally it's 27.5in only, with a tapered steerer and a 15mm axle.

£TBC / US$769 /

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